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Kyiv metro director resigns after journalist probe

His deputy will step in for him.

Kyiv metro director resigns after journalist probe
Viktor Brahinskyy
Photo: Max Trebukhov

Viktor Brahinskyy, head of the Kyiv Metro municipal enterprise, has submitted his resignation. This happened the next day after journalists published an investigation into the assets of Brahinskyy and his family, which he had not declared.

His resignation was reported by the Kyiv city state administration. Yesterday, Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko promised to dismiss Brahinskyy.

"The chief engineer of the Kyiv Metro, Viktor Vyhivskyy, will temporarily perform the duties of the head of the municipal enterprise," the Kyiv city state administration said.

Klitschko distanced himself from Brahinskyy in a statement yesterday, which he published a few hours after the investigation was released, and said that law enforcement would be in charge of the investigation. He believes that Brahinskyy's behaviour looks bad not only for him personally, but also for the people of Kyiv.

The journalists, among other things, reported on the property of the Brahinskyy family, in particular in an elite village near Kyiv, where a large number of political elites have "moved". This is only the first part of the investigation, and the continuation of the investigation was announced for the coming days.

Brahinskyy has been the head of Kyiv Metro for 10 years. The year 2023 was "unfortunate" for the capital's metro after an accident forced the closure of a station in Holosiyivskyy district and necessitated a complicated traffic arrangement for passengers. However, there were also questions to Brahinskyy about the never-completed metro to Vynohradar and the almost "mythical" metro to Troyeshchyna.

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