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DIU: some oil refineries hit in Russia need to be rebuilt with technologies that Russia does not have

The Main Intelligence Directorate has explained the effectiveness of the strikes. 

Some of Russia's hit oil refineries need to be rebuilt using high technology to which the Russians have no or limited access. Therefore, attacks on refineries have their effect. Yevhen Yerin, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate's press service, said this during a telethon.

"In any case, yes, this affects both the domestic market and the situation inside Russia. Not as critical as we would like, but we continue to work," he said.

The Kremlin is also responding to such attacks and is uncomfortable with them, he said. Attacks on refineries cause Moscow economic and reputational losses.

  • One of the most recent attacks was on the Kuybyshev refinery in the Samara Region. The plant suspended operations after a Ukrainian drone attack on 23 March.
  • British intelligence noted that Ukrainian drone strikes on Russian oil refineries have put some of the largest refineries out of work. The massive attacks have had an impact on the Russian economy, but Russia itself is unlikely to be able to defend itself against further attacks. 
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