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Kostenko: Russia's offensive in Kharkiv Region stopped

It had two goals: a buffer zone and pulling back the army. 

Kostenko: Russia's offensive in Kharkiv Region stopped

The Russia's offensive against Kharkiv Region, which began on 10 May, has already been stopped thanks to the deployment of reserves. The Russians may have advances, but they are insignificant. Fighting for Vovchansk continues in some other areas.

This was stated by Roman Kostenko, MP, Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defence and Intelligence, in an interview with In his opinion, the purpose of this Russian offensive was to distract the defenders from the main areas of attack in the east and to create "sanitary zones" for their border areas.

"As they call it, a buffer zone, so that the defence line in the north goes through Ukrainian territory, not through the territory of the Russian Federation," he explained. 

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