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SBU detains Khmelnytskyy MP suspected of working for FSB

The investigation established that she also recruited her son and daughter. The Russian agents tried to identify the locations of mobile air defence firing groups and the concentration of the Armed Forces personnel. 

SBU detains Khmelnytskyy MP suspected of working for FSB
Photo: SBU

SBU CI detained an FSB agent group operating in Khmelnytskyy Region. The Russian cell included a local council member and her two children: A 42-year-old son and a daughter, who is 37 years old. This was reported by the SBU. 

On the instructions of the Russian secret service, the agents tried to identify the basing points and routes of mobile air defence fire groups defending the Region. Russian command was also interested in the places of the largest concentration of personnel, military equipment and warehouses with weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

To obtain intelligence, Russian agents travelled around the Region in their own cars under the guise of family trips. During such trips, the official secretly photographed the "necessary" objects, while her son made appropriate marks on Google maps.

The traitorous deputy summarised the information obtained and then sent it to her FSB supervisor via messenger in the form of an agent's "report". For performing hostile tasks, the agent group received a monetary reward from the occupiers, which was transferred to the bank card of the official's daughter.

The SBU exposed the Russia's accomplices at the initial stage of their reconnaissance activities and documented their criminal actions step by step. As a result, all three FSB agents were detained red-handed when they were spying on air defence fire groups.

According to the investigation, the MP came to the attention of the Russian secret service earlier this year because of her pro-Kremlin activity on Odnoklassniki social network. After being recruited, the woman involved her son and daughter in criminal activities.

Based on the collected evidence, the SBU investigators served the detainees a notice of suspicion under Part 2 Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (high treason committed under martial law).

The criminals are currently in custody. They face life imprisonment. 

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