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Sysoyenko, Former MP, granted bail on day of suspected assistance to tax evaders

It is more than UAH 900 thousand.

Sysoyenko, Former MP, granted bail on day of suspected assistance to tax evaders
Detention of former MP who helped fugitives

Former MP Iryna Sysoyenko, who was suspected of ‘making money’ on draft evaders on 7 June, is already free - she was released on bail of over UAH 900,000 on the same day, Suspilne reports.

The court chose a ‘preventive measure’ against Sysoyenko in the organisation of a scheme to evade mobilisation - it is a form of detention with an alternative to bail. A spokeswoman for the Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office said that the money had already been paid.

In addition to the former MP, the court imposed pre-trial restraints on two other defendants, and the issue of other suspects is currently being resolved.

Details of Sysoyenko's case

  • The former MP is currently a member of the management team of the Kyiv Institute for Preventive Medicine.
  • According to the investigation, she organised the mass production and sale of fictitious documents on obtaining a disability group due to occupational diseases. The main clients were potential conscripts who planned to use the fake documents to deregister from the military and illegally travel abroad.
  • Every month, the illegal activities of the offenders, led by the former MP, brought a ‘profit’ of almost $100,000. The funds were distributed among all the accomplices, including two colleagues of the organiser: heads of departments of a medical institution, an occupational therapist and a coordinator of illegal activities of medical workers in Lviv Region. The scheme also involved several officials of medical and social expert commissions in the western region.
  • At first, the evaders were falsely registered for outpatient treatment, then ‘diagnosed’ with an occupational disease, and then assigned a disability group.
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