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Ukraine's exports exceed imports for first time since 2004

Foreign trade with goods has shrunk by 33bn dollars over the year.

Ukraine's exports exceed imports for first time since 2004
Photo: EPA/UPG

In 2015, for the first time in 11 years, Ukraine's annual export of goods has exceeded its import, as reported by the State Statistics Service on 15 February.

Ukrainian exports reached 38.1bn dollars and imports 37.5bn dollars. The positive balance was 632.5m dollars. Last time Ukraine had a positive balance of trade with goods was in 2004, when it reached 3.7bn dollars.

For instance, in 2014, Ukraine exported to the amount of 53.9bn dollars and imported to the amount of 54.4bn dollars, or 29.3 per cent and 31.1 per cent less respectively.

Ukraine's largest trade partners in 2015 were:

1. Russia, 12.315bn dollars (export, 4.8bn dollars, import, 7.5bn dollars)2. China, 6.169bn dollars (export, 2.4bn dollars, import, 3.8bn dollars)3. Germany, 5.229bn dollars (export, 1.3bn dollars, import, 3.9bn dollars)4. Poland, 4.302bn dollars (export, 2bn dollars, import, 2.3bn dollars)5. Turkey (3.623bn dollars (export, 2.8bn dollars, import, 850m dollars)

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