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Closing argument by Ukrainian pilot jailed in Russia published

She says Russians may have their own Maydan one day.

Closing argument by Ukrainian pilot jailed in Russia published
Photo: EPA/UPG

The text of the closing argument which Nadiya Savchenko, Ukrainian pilot and MP jailed in Russia, was to deliver in court on 3 March was published on her Facebook page the same day.

The post includes the photos of her handwritten statement.

The court was to schedule the date when it was going to hand down the verdict but its session was adjourned until 9 March.

The following is the full text of Savchenko's statement:

"The last word

"I do not admit guilt, neither I agree with the verdict of the Russian court. I am not going to appeal the verdict if I am pronounced guilty. I want the whole democratic civilized world to realize that Russia is a third world country ruled by a totalitarian regime and the dictator-tyrant, where human rights and international law are trampled on.

"The situation when abductors and torturers are pretending to have the right to judge their victims is absurd! Is it possible to talk about a fair trial?! There are no legitimate criminal investigations and court decisions in Russia! There is only a show staged by the Kremlin puppets. And I deem it to be absolutely meaningless to waste a part of my life participating in it!

"Therefore, there will be no appeal against the verdict. Here is what will happen instead: I am going to resume my hunger strike for another 10 days following the verdict, until the sentence comes into force regardless of whether it is to be translated into Ukrainian, as they are good in using this to buy much time. I will go on a dry hunger strike 10 days later, and Russia will have less than 10 days to return me to Ukraine, where they abducted me from! And I do not care how they are going to justify it! I heard that Petro Poroshenko is pretty skilled in diplomacy. I hope that his diplomatic skills will be enough to reach agreement with one idiot in Russia, because he had promised my mother that I would have been home back in May 2015.

"And while they are bargaining for me, my life will be draining away and Russia will return me to Ukraine anyway - either dead or alive, but it will return me!

"And my sister will be standing at the prison gate all these 10 days day and night. She will be waiting for my release or my dead body. And if you imprison her, my mother will come to replace her. She is 77 years old. Will you lock her up as well? In this case, my friend will take her place, and then another Ukrainian and another! And mark my words - you will not have enough cells in your prisons for all of them! But while my fellow countrymen will be standing, ordinary honest and decent Russians living nearby will bring them hot tea, sandwiches, and blankets for they all understand that a child of each of them may take my place tomorrow in this prison of all peoples called Russia!

"That is how the Maydans arise! Do you really need it? You avoid it like the plague! Therefore it is better for the Kremlin to return me to Ukraine as soon as possible and alive!!!

"Meanwhile, all states with democratic values should better learn the lessons of history in due time and recall that Europe has once tolerated Hitler and the USA was not resolute enough, which resulted in World War II. Putin is a petty tyrant with an emperor's habits, the complexes of Napoleon and Hitler combined! A bear does not understand human language - it understands only the language of force. Therefore, if we do not become more determined and define priorities in due time, we will soon have a World War III!

"And as a politician, I will not extend my hand to Russia on the political arena. It is awkward to shake hands with someone who has been holding you in handcuffs and your people in shackles. But taking every political decision, I will always assess its impact on the ordinary people both in Ukraine and Russia for there are still a lot of honest, good and decent people in Russia in spite of everything."

Russian prosecutors demand a 23-year sentence for Savchenko.

On 2 March, she refused to be exchanged for the Russian intelligence officers detained in Ukraine.

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