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National Anticorruption Bureau checking 22,000 officials

The Bureau has received access to most databases.

National Anticorruption Bureau checking 22,000 officials

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is checking over thousand judges and 22,000 officials, director of the Bureau, Artem Sytnik, said in the interview to the "Mirror Weekly. Ukraine" newspaper.

According to him, the Bureau has received the access to the key databases of the Justice Ministry, State Fiscal Service (including customs), Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Border Guard Service. There have also been signed memoranda with the NBU and migration service, which comprises together about 60 per cent of the required.

There is still difficulty in getting access to the land cadaster, Sytnik added.

"Although, and this present massive of information is sufficient to start the qualitative monitoring of MPs and judges. On the threshold of the judicial reform, the Bureau has been processing information regarding over thousand judges. We’ve got an opportunity to carry out complex analytics to be passed to the High Qualification Commission of Judges. We have also launched the monitoring of 22,000 MPs under investigation. We are creating personal profiles on property, cars, border crossings, business connections. There is quite an interesting base of letters of attorney shedding light on seemingly legal declarations with no indication of what an MP or his wife manage by the letter of attorney," he told.

"About 40 out of 100 already checked judges (rayon level) have turned out in the risk zone," Sytnik added.

As reported earlier, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine is a law-enforcement agency investigating criminal cases concerning corruption of the highest level. Its jurisdiction includes ministers, MPs, judges, etc., i.e. officials of the 1-2 category.

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