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Savchenko goes on hunger strike until back to Ukraine

The Ukrainian has declared that she will not change her decision.

Savchenko goes on hunger strike until back to Ukraine

Nadiya Savchenko has declared that her dry hunger strike will last until she either dies or is extradited to Ukraine.Savchenko’s lawyer Mark Feygin published in his Twitter the photo of the Ukrainian’s declaration dated by 4 March. Its text is given below.

"Me, Nadiya Savchenko, the citizen of Ukraine, declare a dry hunger strike since 4 March 2016 until my extradition to Ukraine alive or dead!

A dry hunger is a protest against the Russian government, Russian special services, investigation, court and prosecution of the Russian Federation and against their attempts to conceal their crimes. 

They are guilty of violating the International law. They kidnapped me from Ukraine, forcedly brought to Russia and are illegally keeping me in Russian prisons and conducting an unfair trial. I agree only to examinations by Ukrainian or European doctors.

I forbid transporting me anywhere from the prison without explaining the aim and the target place.

Any use of physical force to me will be regarded as tortures and resistance.

If I am alive till 9 March 2016, I demand to bring me to the hearing.In case of my death, I forbid dissecting my body and demand to pass it undamaged to my mother and sister.

My decision is not to be changed!"

As reported earlier, Nadiya Savchenko was to have said her last plea in the Donetsk city court of Rostov region on Thursday, where the court was to have delivered the final judgement afterwards. Nevertheless, the judge suddenly announced a break in the hearing till 9 March. Savchenko declared the dry hunger strike. 

On the eve, the Russian prosecution demanded 23 years of sentence for Savchenko.

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