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Constitution Court judges refuse to accept conflict of interests on lustration – source

Judges have revived the considering of the law after a 5-month pause.

Constitution Court judges refuse to accept conflict of interests on lustration – source

The Constitution Court has refused to admit that six judges have a conflict of interests by considering the law “On Lustration of the Government” That was the ground to decline the petition of the MPs, namely Yehor Sobolev, Leonid Yemets and the Director of the Lustration Department of the Justice Ministry, Tetyana Kozachenko. In their petition they demanded that judges Mykhaylo Zaporozhets, Natalya Shaptal, Yuriy Baulin, Mykhaylo Hultay, Serhiy Vdovychenko and Oleh Serheychuk be rejected.

According to the Constitution Court Chairman, Yuriy Baulin, the MPs provided no proves on conflict of interest among those judges in their petitions, although in 2010 they made a decision on withdrawing the Constitution-2004, which led to the usurpation of power by former President Viktor Yanukovich.

After the announcement of the decision, Yemets, Sobolen and Kozachenko left the session hall of the Constitution Court as a sign of protest.

The court continued the hearing without them and went on to hear the clarifications of the President’s envoy in court, Rostyslav Mikheenko.

As reported before, the plenum of the Supreme Court and 47 MPs filed the proposals to the Constitution Court regarding the validity of the law standards twice. The proposals were united.

The Constitution Court started hearing that case on 16 April 2015, though postponed it that very day for an unlimited period. On Thursday, 22 October, the court revived the hearing, but the following day, 23 October, the hearing was postponed again for an unlimited period.

On 22 March, the Constitution Court returned to the law on lustration.

Source: Ukrainian News

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