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NATO countries spent over 100m dollars on medical treatment of Ukrainian military

Almost 400 Ukrainian soldiers have received treatment in NATO countries.

NATO member countries have spent more than 100m dollars for the treatment of Ukrainian military who took part in the combat operations in the east of Ukraine, MP Olha Bogomolets told a May 26 press conference within the frameworks of NATO Science for Peace and Security Program awareness day.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs and Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health, stated that NATO countries on average have spend about 250 thousand dollars for the treatment of one Ukrainian military, which in some cases lasted for six months or more.

Overall, 398 Ukrainian soldiers have received medical treatment in the NATO countries, she stressed.

Bohomolets said Germany, Poland, Lithuania have provided the greatest assistance to Ukraine in this field.

Earlier, it was reported that Ukraine has become a major beneficiary of NATO's scientific and technical assistance.

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