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Savchenko favours direct talks with DPR, LPR

"Zakharchenko and Plotnytskyy can pose as people's deputies."

Verkhovna Rada deputy Nadezhda Savchenko offers to hold direct negotiations with the terrorist organizations "DPR" and "LPR".

Speaking on the Radio Era on June 7, she gave her vision of how the situation in Donbass can be resolved.

"Firstly, the sanctions against Russia should be extended. Secondly, direct talks must be staged with the "DNR "and" LNR" without any third and fourth parties," Savchenko said.

She stated preparedness to personally negotiate with the leaders of the "DNR" and "LNR" Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnytskiy "as people's deputies".

She believes that mutual understanding must be sought for the sake of the return of Ukrainian hostages from captivity.

"Thirdly, let's smile to each other and things will happen," she said.

On 25 May, Nadiya Savchenko was exchanged in Russia for two GRU servicemen, imprisoned in Ukraine.

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