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PGO shrugs off Lyashko's search reports as PR

The search took place in somebody else's place.

General Prosecutor's Office does not carry out investigations in relation to the head of the Radical Party, MP Oleh Lyashko, the press secretary of the Prosecutor-General said.

"The search was going on in an apartment next to Lyashko's. The people's deputy has decided to use the situation for their own PR," Larysa Sargan wrote in Facebook.

Recall that in the house to conduct a search Lyashko, he said with reference to his fellow party member of the Lyashko Andrey Lozovoy. After some time Lozovoi said that the search was not: with riot police investigators allegedly came to Lyashko home, he went out to them, and then he was told that the wrong address.

Lyashko was the first to report of the alleged search. Later on, his ally MP Andriy Lozovyy told the TV channel 112 that the prosecutors along with riot police came to the house of Lyashko at 7:00. "When Lyashko came out, they said: 'Sorry, wrong address,' Lozovyy said. There was no search, he admitted.

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