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Paris sends experts to Ukraine to probe into French terrorist case

They will arrive in a few days.

A group of French experts will soon join the investigation against a French citizen, who has been detained in Ukraine and charged of preparations for terrorist acts, the head of the SBU Vasyl Hrytsak told a briefing on 21 June.

"We have established a fairly good cooperation ever since we started to keep track of a citizen of France and others persons that have abetted in his illegal activities I hope our team will be reinforced by French specialists in the near future," the security chief said.

On June 6, Hrytsak announced that the Ukrainian special services prevented 15 terrorist attacks in France that were planned to take place during the Euro-2016 championships.

The Frenchman came to the attention of Ukrainian counterintelligence in December last year. During his stay in the east of Ukraine, the Frenchman tried to establish contacts with the Ukrainian military under the pretext of volunteer help. The Frenchman criticized the France's government' loyal policy towards migrants.

In April 2016, the suspect returned to Ukraine and under the control of the Security Service has tested weapons and explosives he has sought to purchase. The Frenchman obtained five Kalashnikovs and 1080 rounds per every barrel, two anti-tank grenade launchers RPG-7 with 18 shots, 125 kg of TNT, 100 electric detonators and 20 balaclava caps. The transfer was monitored by the SBU

According to Hrytsak, the suspect together with accomplices planned to use the firearms and explosives for the simultaneous blowing up of bridges and highways in different regions of France. Other objects of the attacks were the office the state tax collecting company, a Muslim mosque, a Jewish synagogue and community agencies involved in the holding of EURO-2016.

Also, the French tried to find people who will be able to smuggle the contraband ordnance across the Ukrainian border. After the failure to find a carrier, he decided to do it himself.

In late May, security operatives in conjunction with the border guards arrested the Frenchman as he tried to cross the state border with a load of weapons and explosives.

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