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Ukraine must vie for support of both US presidential runners - Nalyvaychenko

"We need no pay attention to stereotypes invented by someone."

Ukraine must do everything possible for the foreign policy of Washington regarding the Russian occupation of Crimea and Donbas not change whatever the outcome of the US presidential election is.

"We need US assistance, especially in the restoration of the territorial integrity and whole security system. This support is worth fighting for, so both the president and the government of Ukraine [shall support] the headquarters of both US presidential candidates," the former head of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and leader of the Justice movement, Valentyn Nalyvaychenko, told in an exclusive comment within an expert survey.

In Nalyvaychenko's opinion, Ukraine should not pay attention to stereotypes, including the belief that, if elected, Trump will be loyal to Russia' Putin, and Ukraine will lose support on a number of important issues in Washington.

"In foreign policy, we must ignore stereotypes invented by someone," the ex-head of the SBU argues.

"For example, the stereotype of the current administration of President Barack Obama's regarding the "reset" and mutual benefit in relations with Russia turned to dust long before start of the campaign this year."

According to Nalyvaychenko, Ukraine's position should be tough for the foreign policy agenda not changed in any outcome of the elections in the United States

"The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions are occupied by the troops of the Russian Federation with the support of illegal armed formations and complicity of traitors, the fugitive figures of Yanukovych, Zakharchenko, Yakimenko… This stance of Ukraine needs to be convincingly presented to and recognized by the world," says the politician.

"I know it not from newspapers how important this is, as I have prepared and submitted over a year ago to the US Senate and Congress the evidence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the evidence of crimes against humanity on our soil."

At the same time, according to the politician, Ukrainian government should do a lot to make sure that the policy of Trump's administration, if he is elected in November, was aimed at supporting Ukraine.

"First of all, the Ukrainian authorities must stop stealing from their people and those few donors who still support our country. Americans speak the language of guarantees, but our partners require maximum transparency," Nalyvaychenko said.

"No one but ourselves will implement reforms, combat corruption and protect our homeland. This is what Ukrainian government should do. As long as we move forward we will have support. However, no one will pull us into a better future if we stop."

Nalyvaychenko said he was confident that any new US president would back Ukraine that moves forward and fulfills its obligations. Here recalled that the United States was the main ideologist and driving force behind the idea of a common economic and political space in Europe.

"Moreover, negotiations are underway on the establishment of the Transatlantic free trade zone between the US and EU. Economic interests are pushing nations ahead," he said.

"US markets, the EU and China - that is where we should search for the answer to the question regarding a possible policy US presidential candidate Trump. Access to these markets and strong international partnerships spell both economic development and the guarantee of state sovereignty for Ukraine," Nalyvaychenko stressed.

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