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Ukraine resumes purchase of coal from South Africa

On August 25, a bulk carrier with 71.7 t of thermal coal from SAR arrived in Pivdennyy seaport.

Ukraine resumes the purchase of coal mined in South Africa.

On 25 August, a bulk carrier Coronis loaded with 71.7 thousand tons of thermal coal from South Africa arrived at the sea port of Pivdennyy for unloading upon due customs procedures the power generating company Tsentrergo reported on its website.

The fuel, supplied by Swiss trader Alchar Service SA will be shipped to Tripolska TPP storages.

In early August, the Centrenergo CEO Kozemko told Business Censor that the purchase was ordered by the Vice-Premier Volodymyr Kistion. The company plans to bring in 300 thousand tons of coal through the sea ports by four bulk carriers.

According to the same publication, the previous shipment of SAR coal took place in April, when Osho SA Coal Ltd delivered 79,000 tons of coal at 56 US dollars per ton. In January, the same company has delivered 170 thousand tons of coal from South Africa at 58 dollars per metric ton.

As of August 25, Ukrainian thermal power plants reported having only 328,500 tons of anthracite coal in storage.

Energy Minister Ihor Nasalik said last week that this summer was a critical period for the Ukrainian energy industry.

"In June, July and August, we burned over 100 thousand tons of coal, while in the winter, at a temperature of -17 Celsius or lower, we have burned a total of 70 thousand tons," the minister said.

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