Over 5,000 police officers fail vetting, dismissed - minister

Around 100 of them challenged their dismissals in court.

Over 5,000 police officers fail vetting, dismissed - minister

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has said that as a result of the vetting at the National Police, 26 per cent of senior officers were dismissed, while a total of 14 per cent of all officers (5,257 officers) failed to pass the test

"In practice, they are short-staffed now. They are lacking 18,875 police officers and 1,497 public servants. In fact, there are now 109,628 people on service: 99,125 police officers and 10,503 public servants. Considering that 15,670 police officers joined the new patrol police through competition and due to a special procedure for the vetting of units in the antiterrorist operation area (13,180 people), overall 68,125 people all over the country were assigned a vetting procedure," he said on Facebook.

"As a result, 5,257 people failed the vetting and were dismissed, 4,766 were recommended for demotion, 4,479 were recommended by commissions for promotion," he added.

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