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Rightist parties merge, create new party

Biletskyy elected leader of National Corps.

Rightist parties merge, create new party

A founding congress in Kyiv on Friday, 14 October announced the creation of the party National Corps. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Biletskyy received a four-year mandate of the party leader.

The National Corps emerged after the amalgamation of political parties Civil Movement, Honest Cause and the Patriot of Ukraine.

Speaking to the delegates of the founding congress, Biletskyy said that National Corps will be a party of direct action. "No words, billboards, wasting time on TV shows and debates," he stressed.

"The country does not have enough people who know how to work. Who may act rather than talk. Who can do reforms rather than talk about them. Who can defend the country rather than talk about defense. The country is sick and tired of words, of parties with beautiful names and programs. Enough fake victories at international diplomatic fields, which in fact turn surrenders. Enough war victories that are made up in the offices of generals and on TV. Enough of much-touted fight against corruption by corrupt officials. Enough fake reforms from fake reformers," Biletskyy said in his inauguration speech.

The new party advocates the restoration of the nuclear potential of Ukraine, nationalization of strategic enterprises and legalization of firearms in private ownership.

It is worth reminding that Andriy Biletskyy has said in an earlier interview with Focus that the new party would not use the name or symbols of the volunteer battalion Azov. He also said he would not be the leader of the party, because he would have to resign from the National Guard in that case.

In Biletskyy's words, the program of the new party "is not a program of narrow cultural or linguistic nationalism of populism in the style of 'for all good things against all bad things'".

National Corps will focus on the transformation of Ukraine from the object into a subject of world politics, the party leader stressed.

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