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More Ukrainian troops lost off battle than in action in 2016

The army lost 211 in action and 256 for other reasons.

In 2016, Ukraine lost 211 servicemen in action and 256 off the battle, BBC Ukraine has quoted the public relations directorate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Over 100 pieces of military hardware were damaged in action.

During the same period, the army received 1,000 new (modernized) pieces of hardware while around 700 were repaired and sent back to the army.

Over 68,000 people, including 7,500 officers, signed contracts with the army in 2016.

Earlier, the General Staff said that 3,064 law enforcers, including 2,636 servicemen, had been killed since the start of the conflict. Out of this number, 2,148 people were lost in action.

The reasons for non-battle losses included diseases, road accidents, poisoning, accidents, suicides and premeditated murders.

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