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Job contest for National Police chief in progress

18 out of 64 candidates are police officers

Eight active members of senior management of the National Police will take part in an advisory competition to select a new police chief, a member of the competition committee Yevhen Zakharov told reporters on 12 January.

Among the candidates are acting chief of National Police Vadym Troyan, his deputy Kostyantyn Bushuyev, the chief of the Criminal Investigation Directorate Serhiy Knyazev, the Head of the Main Police Department in Kyiv Andriy Kryschenko, Head of Odessa PD Dmytro Holovin, , Donetsk - Vyacheslav Abroskin, Chernihiv PD - Eduard Alekhin and Chernivtsi PD - Serhiy Pilihrim.

From a total of 64 applicants, 40 were have worked in police and 18 are active police officers.

Also, several lawyers, including the head of the Legal Aid Center Andriy Vysnevskyy, and several businessmen have applied for the top police job.

None of the Verkhovna Rada deputies has decided to apply.

The tender commission will meet after 18 January to screen out unsuitable candidates.

The previous head of the National Police Khatia Dekanoidze resigned on 14 November last year. The acting head of the National Police is her first deputy Vadym Troyan.

Avakov said Dekanoidze's retirement was planned as she was supposed top to resign after a year on the post.

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