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Health minister complains about growing police pressure

"At any moment, the work of international organizations and the entire procurement cycle can be paralyzed."

The acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun says that police authorities put pressure on the ministry after the transfer of medical procurement to international organizations.

"On January 24, a senior operative of the National Police Department for the Protection of Economy came to the ministry and demanded access to documents. The warrant that the investigators produced has expired on January 19," Suprun wrote on Facebook on 27 January.

She said the police was investigating into the drug procurements that the UN Development Programme has done for the ministry in seven state programs.

"The investigators believe that the procurements were overpriced. Strangely, the calculations by public organizations and the ministry say otherwise," Suprun wrote.

The acting minister fears that the visits of law enforcement may become increasingly regular, since the ministry and the Cabinet support the purchase of drugs through international organizations.

"For us, this means that the pressure on our team and our policies is gaining momentum, so the work of international organizations and the entire procurement cycle can be paralyzed any moment now," Suprun concluded.

The defamation campaign against Suprun, whose main spokesman is the Director of the Institute of Heart, cardiac surgeon Borys Todurov, has been going on since early January.

Earlier this week, the Opposition Bloc registered a draft resolution in the parliament to recognize Suprun's ministerial performance as unsatisfactory.

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