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ATO HQ reports breach of ceasefire

As it turned out, TCG has agreed on ceasefire from 9 February.

ATO HQ reports breach of ceasefire
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

Donbas militants do not adhere to the agreements achieved by the Trilateral contact group on a ceasefire to become effective as of 9 February midnight , the headquarters of the ATO reported.

"By 15.00 the enemy waged 34 attacks on the positions of Ukrainian troops using a wide range of weapons, including those banned under the Minsk agreements. The opposite party shows maximum activities in the Donetsk sector in are of the villages of Luhanska, Zaitseve, Opytne, Pisky, Butivka and Verhnyotoretske. The non-compliance of militants with the arrangements suggests that Russia, which has agreed to ceasefire has no control over their actions," reads the statement.

The headquarters of the ATO say that Ukrainian Armed Forces strictly adhere to the regime of silence and refrain from returning fire.

The Trilateral Liaison Group after the meeting in Minsk on 1 February called on the parties to cease fire although without announcing a specific date.

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