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Sonya Koshkina talks to social policy minister

As always, on Channel 24 at 20:00.

Sonya Koshkina talks to social policy minister

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved and is preparing to submit to the National Council of Reforms a draft pension reform, which, if passes the parliament, will come into force already in fall.

What does tomorrow have in store for Ukrainians? How pensions will be calculated? Will retirees be allowed to work? The Minister of Social Policy, Andriy Reva will talk about these and many other things in today's issue of the talk show Left Bank with Sonya Koshkina.

Watch the live on Channel 24 at 20:00, Kyiv time.

After the program, do not miss the traditional rubric Postscript with Sonya Koshkina.

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