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Expert: decentralization reform doomed to success

Hanushchak advises lawmakers to support the reform while there is still time.

Expert: decentralization reform doomed to success
Yuriy Hanushchak
Photo: Photo: Max Trebukhov

An expert of the Reanimation Package of Reforms think-tank, Yuriy Hanushchak, believes that the decentralization reform is doomed to success, and advises lawmakers to support it while there is still time to jump the bandwagon. He expressed this opinion at a round table in Gorshenin Institute which was organized in partnership with the RPR.

"We take note of every one who has voted against putting [decentralisation] bills in the agenda," he said.

Hanushchak recalled that only two of the package of five bills related to decentralization submitted to the parliament is on Thursday agenda.

"The ministry says that these bills are key so trust this ministry. Mind you, the ministry says the package of documents is far from complete, so more bills are needed," the expert said.

Hanushchak calls on the deputies to support all five bills and warned that expert community will promulgate the names of opponents.

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