59 civilians killed in ATO zone this year

282 people were wounded.

Since the beginning of the year, 59 civilians have been killed and 282 wounded as a result of hostilities in Donbas, the first deputy head of the OSCE special monitoring mission in Ukraine, Alexander Hug told a briefing in Kyiv on Friday, 4 August.

"The number of wounded and killed civilians is growing. The number of civilian casualties confirmed by CMM now reached 341 since the beginning of this year: 59 have died and 282 have been wounded," Hug said.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Donbas in mid-April 2014 and until May 15, 2017, at least 10,090 people, including 2,777 civilians, were killed and 23,966 wounded, the latest report UN report said.

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