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Ex-chair of Kyiv court suspected of receiving $ 12mn from Party of Regions

Volodymyr Kolesnychenko was a central figure in the judicial power of Ukraine.

Prosecutor-General's Office (PGO) is investigating the possible reception by former chairman of the Kyiv's Pechersk District Court, Volodymyr Kolesnychenko, of 12mn dollars from the leadership of the Party of Regions in 2010.

This is evidenced by a 21 September resolution of Kyiv's Podil district court.

PGO has asked the Pechersk court to be given access to original documents signed by Kolesnychenko in order to compare his signatures with some entries in the so-called "black ledgers" of the Party of Regions.

The ledgers contain records and signatures on behalf of Kolesnychenko indicating the reception of cash sums in excess of 12 mn dollars in January-February 2010, when Kolesnychenko was the head of the Pechersk District Court.

The court turned down the PGO petition as "unfounded".

Volodymyr Kolesnychenko from 2005 to 2010 was a judge and chairman of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv.

Later, he headed the High Council of Justice, was a judge of the Supreme Specialized Court of Ukraine.

On 23 May, the Supreme Council of Justice dismissed Volodymyr Kolesnychenko from the position of a judge of the Supreme Specialized Court in the course of the broad campaign for purification of government (lustration).

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