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Hungary pledges "to deal a painful blow" to Ukraine's future

A neighbor of Ukraine intends to block its integration into Europe.

Hungary promised "to deal a painful blow" to Ukraine's future in response to the signing of the law "On Education" by President Petro Poroshenko.

Hungary's Foreign Minister, Peter Siarto, said in statement on Tuesday, 26 September that his country will block any initiatives of Ukraine towards European integration and within the framework of participation in the programs of the "Eastern Partnership".

"We can guarantee that it will hurt the future of Ukraine," Siarto said in Singapore.

He described the signing of this law as "a shame".

The minister said that "Ukraine can forget about integration into Europe" and that Hungary will block any initiatives in international organizations that are favourable to Ukraine.

On September 5, the Verkhovna Rada approved the law "On Education", which, in particular, regulates the use of the Ukrainian language as the language of instruction.

The law provides that children who will go to school next year will be entitled to study in their native languages only in elementary school. Starting from the fifth grade all subjects should be taught in Ukrainian.

A number of countries that have large diasporas in Ukraine have stated concerns over the adoption of this law.

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