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Experts to discuss what happens behind scenes of Supreme Court job contest

Why is the High Council of Justice considering candidates behind closed doors?

Experts to discuss what happens behind scenes of Supreme Court job contest
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On September 28 at 12:30, Gorshenin Institute will host a round table conference "New Supreme Court: what is going on behind the scenes of the 'transparent' contest?". The event will be held within the information partnership of Gorshenin Institute and Reanimation Package of Reforms with the support of the website.

The High Council of Justice (HCJ) on 25 September finished the review of the materials of 120 candidates to the Supreme Court and withdrew to the advisory room to form the final list of future Supreme Court judges.

The HCJ has the right to discard a candidate judge in case of a legitimate doubt of his or her integrity and professional ethical qualities, or if his or her appointment will negatively affect the level of confidence in the judiciary.

In the meantime, during the review process of the candidates, HCJ members have discarded only four persons, two of whom had received negative feedback by the Public Council of Integrity. This is despite that the final list of 120 winners, recommended by the High Qualification Commission of Judges, contained 30 dishonest candidates that received negative feedback from the Public Council of Integrity.

In addition, the HCJ considered candidates in the situation of a conflict of interest, having ignored fifty statements of the HCJ members about the impossibility of an objective examination of candidates.

Why the consideration of candidates in the HCJ is held behind closed doors? What happens behind the scenes of the "transparent contest"? What is the responsibility of the president for dishonest judges in the new Supreme Court?

These and other issues will be discussed by the participants of the round table "The New Supreme Court: what happens behind the scenes of a 'transparent' contest?"

Invited speakers:

  •  Mykhailo Zhernakov, director of the DEJURE Foundation, a member of the Board of the Reanimation Package of Reforms;
  •  Halyna Chyzhyk, lawyer for the Chesno.Fіltruy Sud! campaign;
  •  Vitaly Shabunin, chairman of the Center for Combating Corruption;
  •  Vitaliy Titych, coordinator, the Public Council of Integrity.

Moderator: Iryna Solomko, head of the communication department, the Reanimation Package of Reforms.

The event will be streamed live on the Reanimation Package of Reforms page in Facebook and by

Additional information and accreditation: Inna Nerodyk, 096 119 73 37

Any media coverage of the event must mention Gorshenin Institute as its organizer.

The address of Gorshenin Institute: Kyiv, 18b Mala Zhytomyrska St. (entrance through the arch from Mykhaylivskyy Lane).

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