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MP: agriculture calls for adoption of 400 laws

This path needs to be passed faster than in 30 years.

MP: agriculture calls for adoption of 400 laws
Leonid Kozachenko
Photo: Photo: Max Levin

Ukraine should adopt more than 400 laws in order to ensure compliance of domestic agribusiness with European requirements, MP Leonid Kozachenko told a roundtable conference organized by Gorshenin Institute on Thursday, 2 November.

"We need to pass over 400 laws or amendments to legislation in order to harmonize our agrarian sector. We have done slightly over 30% of the job in ten years. If we did 30% of the job in ten years, having it done will take another 30 years. We need to accelerate this process," Kozachenko said.

The lawmaker believes that Ukrainian agricultural legislation should be improved along the lines of European laws. In particular, the domestic agribusiness requires norms aimed to foster the growth of gross product and deeper processing.

At the same time, Kozachenko stressed that such harmonisation needs a balanced approach, citing the example of Lithuania.

"The Lithuanian parliament, faster than anyone in Eastern Europe have adapted legislation. They made it in less than a year. They did it without discussion just translating from English and voting through. Correcting the mistakes they have made proved to be not easy. Meanwhile, the Poles did the job in four years but the results were way better," said Kozachenko.

Earlier, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy Maksym Martyniuk said that Ukraine should follow the global trends in agriculture to become competitive.

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