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Raids continue in interior ministry backpack probe

NABU conducts searches in offices and homes of National Police top brass.

Raids continue in interior ministry backpack probe
One of controversial tactical backpacks
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The detectives of anticorruption bureau and special anticorruption prosecutors conduct searches at homes of a number of National Police officials within the so-called backpack probe.

In a Facebook posting on 1 November, NABU said the investigation concentrated on the individuals involved in maintenance and logistics of the structural subdivisions of Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Kyiv and the Kyiv region.

The investigative actions are aimed to get a clearer picture of circumstances that NABU detectives have uncovered earlier, the anti-graft agency said.

The investigation revealed forged warehouse documents related for the procurement of backpacks. "A number of [the documents] were backdated, transfer and acceptance certificates have been signed prior to the actual delivery of goods, etc," NABU said.

NABU detectives detained on Tuesday three individuals in the case of the purchase of backpacks for the Interior Ministry, including a former deputy interior minister, a representative of the company that won the tender for the supply of backpacks, and another private person.

The investigation believes that these persons were involved in the procurement of backpacks for the Interior Ministry in 2015 at inflated prices, which inflicted over 14m hryvnyas in damages on the state, the NABU said.

Interior Ministry confirmed that ex-Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Chebotar and Interior Minister Arsen Avakov's son, Oleksandr, were searched and detained, but dismissed the charges as politically motivated.

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