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Parliament increases MP wages

The speaker will now be paid 19,200 hryvnyas a month.

Parliament increases MP wages

Parliament has increased the speaker's monthly wage to 12 subsistence minimums for able-bodies persons (19,200 hryvnyas, given the current subsistence minimum is 1,600 hryvnyas) while committee members, meaning most of MPs, will be paid 10 minimums (16,000 hryvnyas).

According to resolution No 7172 adopted on 7 December, the first deputy speaker will be paid 11.5 minimums (18,400 hryvnyas) and deputy speakers 11 minimums (17,600 hryvnyas).

Committee and faction (group) heads will receive 10.6 minimums (16,800 hryvnyas) and their deputies 10.3 minimums (16,480 hryvnyas).

The exchange rate for 7 December is 27.11 hryvnyas per dollar.

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