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Parliament dismisses head of anticorruption committee

He insists he is proud of his performance.

Parliament dismisses head of anticorruption committee
Yehor Sobolyev
Photo: Max Trebukhov

The Ukrainian parliament on 7 December dismissed opposition MP Yehor Sobolyev as head of the anticorruption committee.

The decision was adopted by 256 MPs.

Speaking to parliament, Sobolyev said he was being dismissed because of the law threatening the immunity of the country's most senior officials.

"The reason for my dismissal is very simple and I'm proud of it. The reason for my dismissal is that the law we adopted are working for us, maybe for the first time in the history of Ukraine. MPs started to fill in e-declarations. The legislation on the Anticorruption Bureau started working and more than one MP is under investigation. I'll tell you more, because of our legislation, the country's leadership, the head of state, leaders of key political forces no longer feel immune, no longer feel above the law. And this is the main reason for my dismissal," the MP said.

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