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MPs, experts to discuss business deregulation in Ukraine

And how it can be achieved during an election campaign.

MPs, experts to discuss business deregulation in Ukraine

Gorshenin Institute will organise and host a roundtable "Deregulation against 'gray zones' in Ukrainian business" at 12.00 on Friday, 16 March.

Issues for discussion:

  1. Real trends in business deregulation in Ukraine. Will it be easier to launch and do business in our state? What should be done first?

  2. Who resists deregulation? Who benefits from the current rules of the game? Who is "on the hook"?

  3. What business is still in the "gray area" of Ukrainian law? What are current business risks in Ukraine?

  4. Industrial deregulation and its consequences. Will the country's budget win or lose from a number of specific measures on deregulation in various sectors?

  5. Deregulation of the land market and agriculture. Is Ukraine capable of taking the land market and agriculture out of shadow?

  6. Investment potential in the context of deregulation.

  7. Peculiarities of deregulation and relations between business and the state in the election year.

Participants in the roundtable:

  • Nina Yuzhanina, Ukrainian MP, chairman of the parliamentary committee for tax and customs policy;

  • Dmytro Dobrodomov, Ukrainian MP, a member of the parliamentary committee for agrarian policy and land relations;

  • Yuriy Luchechko, acting director of the state-owned company Ukrspyrt;

  • A representative of the Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraibe;

  • An expert of Reanination Package of Reforms

The discussion is moderated by Sonya Koshkina, editor in chief at

For media accreditation, call (044) 2304962.

Any media coverage of the event must mention Gorshenin Institute as its organiser.

The event will be held at 18b, Mala Zhytomyrska St (enter through the arch from Mykhaylivskyy Lane), Kyiv.

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