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NABU chief dismisses reports of bugging SAPO head as "fantasies"

"Journalists write such things that a fantastic novel cannot surpass it," the NABU chief says.

NABU chief dismisses reports of bugging SAPO head as "fantasies"
Artem Sytnyk

The director of the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, has denied reports of wiretapping the office of the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO), Nazar Kholodnytskyy, according to Ukrinform.

"Unfortunately, it is typical of the media space in Ukraine that without having a single comment from authorized bodies, journalists write such things that, to be honest, a fantastic novel cannot surpass it," Sytnyk said, adding that there is "nothing to comment on."

He noted that journalists can ask Kholodnytskyy what "he found there in his office".

Sytnyk stressed that he would not allow "someone in power to take control of what is happening in the NABU and SAPO".

On Thursday, Sytnyk and Kholodnytskyy will take part in an international conference on combating corruption in Ukraine in the European Parliament.

Earlier, media reported that the NABU and the Prosecutor-General's Office had been secretly surveilling Kholodnytskyy's office for several weeks.

Some media suggested that Kholodnytskyy was about to resign for health reasons.

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