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Groysman says corrupt law enforcers plotting against cabinet

He says the plotters are those providing "protection to illegal businesses and smuggling".

Groysman says corrupt law enforcers plotting against cabinet

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has said acts of provocation are being prepared by certain corrupt law enforcers against him personally, as well as against government members.

"I would like those who provide 'protection' to illegal businesses and smuggling to hear me… I emphasize that these people today are on active service within the law-enforcement system. I know that you are discussing my words and my positions on the issue, and my steadfastness. I know that you are preparing acts of provocation against the prime minister, the government, and members of government. I stress that you must all serve the state. Not me, not someone else, but the state. And [you must] fill the state treasury," Groysman said.

The head of government said he was planning to analyze the cases of businesses facing pressure from law enforcers, and disclose the names.

As reported earlier, the cabinet seeks to tighten law enforcers' responsibility for unjustified pressure on business.

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