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Parliament reshuffles Central Electoral Commission

The old composition led by Mykhaylo Okhendovskyy is gone.

Parliament reshuffles Central Electoral Commission
Photo: Ukrinform

On 20 September, parliament dismissed 13 members of the Central Electoral Commission whose mandate has expired, including its former head Mykhaylo Okhendovskyy.

For most, their tenure ended back in 2014 but they continued in their roles because of the need to hold parliamentary elections and because parliament could not agree on a new composition.

Only two members – Oleh Didenko and Kateryna Makhnytska – will continue their duties.

The new members are Alla Basalayeva, Natalya Bernatska, Mykhaylo Verbenskyy, Andriy Yevstyhneyev, Iryna Yefremova, Olha Zheltova, Oleh Konopolskyy, Svitlana Kustova, Olha Lotyuk, Vitaliy Plukar, Yevhen Radchenko, Tetyana Slipachuk, Leontiy Shypilov and Tetyana Yuzkova.

There is still one vacant seat.

Commission members are elected for seven years.

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