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Hlukhiv mayor Michel Terestchenko resigns

Local councilors are sabotaging the council's work.

Hlukhiv mayor Michel Terestchenko resigns
Michel Terestchenko

Michel Terestchenko has resigned as mayor of Hlukhiv, a town in Sumy Region.

The Hlukhiv city council was to meet on 27 September but only two councillors showed up.

"This means that Fatherland and Lyashko's Radical Party have joined the previous ex-Party of Regions saboteurs from People's Will, Petro Poroshenko Bloc and Ukrop. Tomorrow, on 28 October, I'm calling an extraordinary plenary session where you will learn everything. I will make an important statement," Terestchenko said on Facebook after the failed session.

According to UA:Sumy, there is only one issue on the agenda: Michel Terestchenko's resignation letter.

He was elected the Hlukhiv mayor in October 2015 with 64.58% of votes.

Terestchenko has lived in Ukraine for over 10 years, running a farming business in Hlukhiv District. He was granted Ukrainian citizenship in March 2015.

Born in France, he comes from a Ukrainian dynasty of sugar manufacturers.

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