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Ex-health minister asks Elon Musk for ventilators for Ukraine

Earlier, he said he was prepared to send them to hospitals all over the world for free.

Ex-health minister asks Elon Musk for ventilators for Ukraine
Ulana Suprun
Photo: Max Levin

Former Ukrainian Health Minister Ulana Suprun has asked American visionary and billionaire Elon Musk to provide Ukraine with lung ventilators.

Earlier, he tweeted he was ready to ship ventilators to hospitals worldwide for free with the only requirement that the vents are used immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse.

Suprun replied to the tweet by saying: "My name is Ulana Suprun and I am the former minister of health of Ukraine. Ukraine is in dire need of ventilators. We have only 3500 in the ICUs and we have a population of 37million. Please help us!"

According to the Health Ministry of Ukraine, there are 1,881 ventilators in 240 hospitals capable of receiving patients with coronavirus. A week earlier, the ministry said that there were a total of around 4,000 ventilators in the country but their number could increase since then.

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