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Latvians are asked to buy Ukrainian goods to finance the aggressor

Latvian trade enterprises call for marking goods made in Ukraine with a 

special identification mark.

Latvians are asked to buy Ukrainian goods to finance the aggressor

The Largest Association of Entrepreneurs of Latvia, such as the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia and the Ukraine Trading House, call on every Latvian resident and entrepreneur to support Ukraine's economy and choose Ukrainian products. It was announced on his Facebook page by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Latvia Oleksandr Mishchenko.

"LCCI calls on all Latvians and entrepreneurs to strengthen Ukraine's economy by choosing goods made in Ukraine while not financing the Russian aggressor at their own expense. Every euro spent on Ukraine's profits helps in this struggle and the coming reconstruction. The most available Ukrainian goods in Latvia are sweets, alcohol, various delicacies. Non-food products include textiles and construction materials. For industrial needs, Ukraine exports to Europe ferrous metals, electrical accessories, various cereals, ore, ash and coal products, as well as fats and oils," the statement said. 

LCCI, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia and the Trading House "Ukraine" call on trade companies to mark products made in Ukraine with a unique identification mark "Gifts of Ukraine", thus attracting consumers to purchase these products to help support Ukrainian producers.

Janis Endzins, Chairman of the Board of the LCCI, notes: "The people of Ukraine are courageously defending their land. At the same time, we need to realize that they are now defending the core values of modern civilization. Yes, the Ukrainian people are now fighting for us - Latvia. Thank you to everyone who supports Ukraine in various ways. We want to remind you of another simple way to help - buy goods made in Ukraine, thus becoming part of a joint movement supporting Ukraine.

Earlier, Latvia sent more than 30 aid trucks to Ukraine - helmets, dry food, medicines, etc.

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