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"Available Medicines" – Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health has simplified the issuance of prescriptions under the Program "Affordable Medicines"and the issuance of birth certificates.

"Available Medicines" – Ministry of Health

Due to the imposition of martial law on the territory of Ukraine and in order for Ukrainians to receive vital medicines and services during hostilities, Ministry of Health has simplified the procedure for issuing prescriptions for medicines that can be obtained free of charge or with a small surcharge by the program "Affordable Medicines". The new procedure is described in Ministry’s order No.388 of 02. 28.2022.

At the time of martial law, a patient who is unable to obtain an electronic prescription for "affordable medicines" may obtain a paper prescription from any primary care physician, regardless of whether the patient has signed a declaration with the doctor.

Pharmacies must accept paper prescriptions for medicines included in the government's reimbursement Program "Affordable Medicines" and record them on paper. Healthcare professionals can make medical records of the issued prescription in the register of the electronic health care system (EHCS) when it becomes technically possible according to the detailed scheme described in the order.

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