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In 8 days, Russian occupiers lost 10 thousand people killed, wounded, and captured. At least one general was killed

The Minister of Defense reported on the situation: unfortunately, Ukrainian defenders are also suffering losses, and almost every hour, there are reports of dead civilians.

In 8 days, Russian occupiers lost 10 thousand people killed, wounded, and captured. At least one general was killed

The Minister of Defense, Oleksyi Reznikov, said that in 8 days of the war against Ukraine, Russian occupiers lost 10 thousand people killed, wounded, and captured. Also, at least one general was killed, wrote Reznikov on Facebook. 

“Dear Ukrainians! 196 hours of defense. We have been fighting back the Russian occupiers. During these hours and days, there is a break in the situation. These times of such a break require special concentration. Our defenders stopped the enemy in most of the directions. The Armed Forces of Ukraine conducted a successful counterattack on some,” the Minister reported. 

He said the situation is complicated in the South, where the enemy has been shelling Zaporizhzhia NPP for the last few hours. “But the fighting spirit in the Cossacks land is such that the enemy is destined to fail,” stressed Reznikov. 

"Kharkiv is an invincible fortress. All of Ukraine is watching the Russian shelling with pain. But now the whole of Europe knows that Kharkiv is not only an intellectual and industrial center but also a proud city of brave citizens," the Minister of Defense added.

Reznikov mentioned that Sumy and Chernihiv regions are currently fighting against the occupier; they are saving Kyiv from the siege. 

“As long as country and military management is not disrupted, the enemy has no change. On the east, on the south - everywhere - Ukrainian people are fighting back and making the victory closer. As a result of the 8 days of the war, the Russian military has suffered more than 10 000 losses in people killed, wounded, and captured. We have confirmation of at least one killed Russian general. Russian society is beginning to feel and realize those losses.” the Minister said. 

He also added that destroyed Russian armored equipment has to be counted not in by unites but by battalions and brigades. According to the Minister, the Armed Forces as trophies as many “tanks and armored vehicles that it may be more than they received from the Ukrainian military-industrial complex in the last 8 years.”

“Our defenders have captured a few vehicles with the multiple rocket launcher missiles, with which Russian soldiers are shelling our peaceful cities. All of these missiles with “return” to the enemy,” - the Minister of Defense assured. 

Reznikov also mentioned that our defenders, unfortunately, are also suffering losses. Almost every hour, there are reports about Russian occupiers killing civilians. 

The Minister also confirmed that the commander of the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy compiled with the order to drown the “Hetman Sahaidachnyy” frigate that was under repairs so that the enemy would not get it. 

“The enemy is confused and scared. We have not defeated him yet. But this time is inevitably approaching. Kremlin rats are already trembling. Some are actively searching for ways to flee. All of Ukraine is successfully rebuilding to live in defense. Aid is coming in industrial volumes; these operations have already been set up. We will defend our country and leave it to the future generations more prosperous, successful, better than she was. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukrainian Heroes!” Reznikov stressed. 

The day before Antony Blinken, United States Secretary of State addressed Ukrainians. He said that Ukrainians “are inspiring the world” during the fight against Russia’s military aggression. 

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