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Pope Francis paid for food trucks’ fuel for Kyiv

Pope Benedict XVI also joined the fundraiser.

Pope Francis paid for food trucks’ fuel for Kyiv
Papal envoy Cardinal Konrad Krajewski

Fuel bills for food trucks that left Lviv for Kyiv on March 9 were paid from the accounts of Pope Francis. The papal envoy, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, visited the centers in Ukraine where there are people who fled the war. He also sent Pope Francis photos from the border, where mothers with children are waiting to find safe haven in Poland, Vatican News reports.

"Today we visited several places where aid is being collected, including that from Poland, or mostly from Poland, and transported further to Kyiv. There is a big problem with fuel, so the Holy Father paid for the trucks’ gasoline today, so that they could get to Kyiv and return to Lviv safely. In this way they help to bring food for residents of Kyiv," – said Cardinal Krajewski.

According to Vatican News, a collection point for humanitarian aid for victims of the war in Ukraine was opened on March 7 in the square in front of the Palace of the Governorate in the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI also joined the fundraiser.

"The square in the heart of the Vatican City was also bombed during World War II. Today, in a place marked by Ukrainian flags, products, medicines and hygiene products were collected for people fleeing bombs falling on Ukrainian cities. Starting at noon on March 7, cars and buses carrying Vatican workers’ donations were arriving for several hours. The Vatican's Mater Ecclesiae Monastery also sent a donation from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, "the statement said.

It is noted that various Vatican agencies provided vehicles to transport the donations to Hagia Sophia in Rome. From there, the aid was sent to Ukraine.

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