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Ukrainian embassy in Israel calls on authorities to lift quota policy and "artificial barriers" for Ukrainian refugees

The agency has prepared and submitted its proposals for resolving the situation to Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs Aylet Shaked.

Ukrainian embassy in Israel calls on authorities to lift quota policy and "artificial barriers" for Ukrainian refugees

The Ukrainian embassy in Israel called on the local authorities to lift the quota policy on Ukrainian refugees.

The corresponding statement was posted on the embassy's Facebook page.

"We urge decision-makers to abolish quota policies and other artificial barriers for women and children fleeing Ukraine," the embassy said.

The agency has prepared proposals to resolve the issue of visa-free travel for Ukrainians.

"It must be determined that every family member of an Israeli citizen or a citizen of Ukraine who has legal status in Israel, including those who are in Israel on a valid visa, will have the right to come to Israel for a certain period (until the end of the war) and without additional obstacles, such as prior approval, "the Ukrainian embassy said. This will allow them to enter Israel after presenting evidence of family relationships.

The Ukrainian side also proposes to develop an alternative mechanism that will allow Ukrainians who have friends in Israel to enter, where friends can act as guarantors.

Those Ukrainians currently living in Israel must be able to find temporary employment in order to support themselves until the end of the war in Ukraine.

The embassy handed over all proposals to Israeli Minister of Internal Affairs Ayelet Shaked.

"It should be emphasized that Ukrainians who are seeking temporary asylum in Israel do not make random choices. All those who come have a family or friends in Israel who are ready to accept them," the Ukrainian embassy said.

On 15 March, Israel abolished the possibility of visa-free entry for Ukrainian citizens, but introduced an alternative procedure for authorizing the trip - permits for it are provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The day before, Ukraine's ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk filed a lawsuit with the High Court of Appeals (Supreme Court) against the actions of the Israeli government and personally the Minister of Internal Affairs Ayelet Shaked regarding the reception of refugees from Ukraine.

On 16 March, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Mykhailo Brodskyy said his country had not revoked the visa-free travel agreement for Ukrainians. The request to fill out a questionnaire and obtain a departure permit is only a "temporary measure taken for a period of two weeks to regulate the entry of refugees, repatriates, tourists and other categories of Ukrainian citizens to Israel."

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