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71% of Russians are proud their country is at war with Ukraine

Majority of people over 55 supported the war.

71% of Russians are proud their country is at war with Ukraine
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Almost three quarters of Russians are proud that Russia is at war with Ukraine. These were the results of two independent polls in Russia published by Radio Svoboda. The polls took place with an interval of 1.5 weeks between the end of February and middle of March.

Russians aged 25 to 44 reported feeling stressed and scared because of the war. More than half of people 55 and older supported the war with Ukraine. Also, now there are even more Russians supporting this war and independence of the unrecognized territories “DNR” and “LNR” (“Donetsk National Republic” and “Luhansk National Republic” - translator’s remark). At the same time, the population is more pessimistic about personal financial situations in connection with sanctions imposed against Russia.

Also, social workers report that Russians under 35 are more inclined to not believe news about Ukraine compared to the older generation. However, Russians from 18 to 25 often expressed indifference as to what is happening in Ukraine.

As a reminder, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wrote in his Twitter account that "it is absolutely unacceptable when people arriving from Russia are insulted or physically attacked. Because this is Putin's war. Only he is responsible for it."

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