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Poroshenko proposed an international plan to force Putin to peace

The former president presented the plan to international partners.

Poroshenko proposed an international plan to force Putin to peace

Petro Poroshenko proposed a plan to achieve peace in Ukraine. Poroshenko noted that he had also sent his proposals to President Zelenskyy and presented them to Western allies, including EPP President Donald Tusk. "We called this plan Forcing Putin and Russia to make peace," Petro Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko's plan, in his words, includes:

1. Law on Lend-Lease. "The assistance that the West provides to Ukraine in defence needs to be increased and systematized. Each state assisting Ukraine must pass a lend-lease law, similar to the U.S. Lend-Lease Act of 1941. It will authorize the national government to supply a country defending itself against the aggressor with the necessary materials, including food and ammunition, tanks and jet fighters, anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems without violating the position of neutrality of any country," Poroshenko explained.

2. The sky is under control. "It would be appropriate to provide Ukraine with the necessary tools to keep its skies under control by Ukrainian means. It is vital to immediately hand over to Ukraine MiG-29 aircraft, air defence systems (such as ground-to-air) and S-300 air defence available in NATO countries, which would help Ukraine close the skies independently. The allies may transfer additional, more complex air defence systems to Ukraine in the future. At the same time, the West can launch training programs for Ukrainian specialists on using these systems today," the fifth president said.

3. Western Second Front. "The Western Second Front must now include everything but soldiers. Every day, if Putin does not withdraw his troops, we need new sanctions. Sanctions must become even more infernal, curbing Russia's aggressive potential. Because the actual hell, unfortunately, is still in Ukraine, not in Russia, but it should be the other way around. The cornerstone of these sanctions should be a total energy embargo. Only Europe transfers 50m dollars to Putin for oil and gas every hour. This money is spent on the murder of Ukrainians later," Poroshenko said.

4. Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine. "It is necessary to start developing a systemic plan for the immediate reconstruction of Ukraine. We propose a tripartite US-EU-British scheme or the so-called Biden-Michel-Johnson Plan for Ukraine. It would be open to the participation of other countries, especially the Group of Seven countries. I hope Johnson will be the first to respond to such an initiative," Poroshenko said.

5. Accelerated integration of Ukraine into the European Union. "It is necessary to ensure the immediate processing of Ukraine's application for EU membership. The European Commission should quickly submit the relevant opinion to the European Council for approval of the decision to grant Ukraine candidate status under the provisions of EU law. Suppose the political leaders of the EU have the political will. In that case, it is possible to start pre-accession negotiations by the end of 2022," the European solidarity leader is convinced.

According to Poroshenko, many steps are already being implemented.

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