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Russians arrange paid rally in Melitopol

They offer 1200 rubles for participation. 

Russians arrange paid rally in Melitopol

On March 26, at 10 a.m., the occupier’s forces intend to hold a paid rally at the central square of Melitopol. The rally is supposed to be for the support of the occupiers’ regime, the Zaporizhzhia regional military administration reports citing the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU). 

According to the SSU, the occupiers promise to pay 1200 Russian rubles (around 350 hryvnias) for participation in the rally. The participants will have to hold the Russian occupier flag and “be sincerely joyful for the video cameras.” The SSU obtained the information from the intercepted phone calls of the occupiers. 

From the intercepted conversations, the SSU also learned that from April 4, Tokmak is supposed to transfer to payments (both cash and card) in Russian rubles. They also try to bribe the farmers of the Zaporizhzhia region by supplying fertilizers, fuel, and other materials for the sowing season from the temporarily occupied Crimea. 

The day before, Russian occupiers blocked the distribution of humanitarian aid to Melitopol residents. According to the city mayor, it is likely that the occupiers intended to steal some of the humanitarian aid and sell it. The rest of the aid they planned to provide to the Russian soldiers and their supporters. 

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