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Russia does everything possible to de-russify Ukraine - Zelenskyy

After the Russian military invasion, the Russian language would evoke associations only with explosions and murder.

Russia does everything possible to de-russify Ukraine - Zelenskyy

Ukraine doesn't have and never had a language problem, but Russia does everything to "de-russify" Ukraine, said President Zelenskyy in a video address

"Now, Russian occupiers, you are creating the problem. You do everything to make our people avoid the Russian language. Because the Russian language is associated with you and with you only. With explosions and murder. With your crimes," said Zelenskyy. 

Zelenskyy stated that since the beginning of the new Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian language would disappear from the lives of Ukrainians for good. 

"You deport our people. You intimidate our teachers, forcing them to repeat your propaganda. You kidnap our mayors and Ukrainian activists. You are putting up billboards (that started appearing today) telling people not to be afraid to speak Russian. Just think what it means. In the East of our country, where the Russian language was always a part of everyday life, along with the Ukrainian language, where you are turning peaceful cities into ruins. Russia is doing everything to de-russify our country. You are doing this. In a span of one generation. And forever. This is just another incarnation of your suicidal politics," said the President.

The Russian propaganda and media often discuss the topic of the Russian language and the "defense" of the Russian-speaking population. The Russian politicians and president Putin also used this argument to justify military aggression towards Ukraine. 

According to the surveys, 59% of Ukrainians consider Russian a foreign language

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