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Despite bringing in additional units from the Pacific navy and new "Iskanders," the occupiers make no progress The General Staff

Transfers of additional resources from the inland of the Russian Federation become less intense.

Despite bringing in additional units from the Pacific navy and new "Iskanders," the occupiers make no progress The General Staff

To continue the full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, the occupiers keep bringing in additional units from the Pacific navy and the Western military district. However, the intensity of the transfers from inland Russia is much lower, says the operations brief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of March 27, 2022. 

In the direction of Volyn, the probability of involvement of the Belarussian armed forces against Ukraine is still high. There is ongoing air surveillance of the Kovel, Varash and Sarny areas. Missiles for the mobile short-range ballistic missile system Iskander-M were delivered by road transport to the village Kalynkovichi. 

In the direction of Polissya, the enemy does not advance. There is an ongoing restructuring of the separate units of the Eastern military district. The units that suffered the heaviest losses in combat are repatriated to the Belarussian territory to renew combat readiness. Notably, two battalion tactical groups of the 106th airborne division left the Kyiv region and returned to the Belarusian territory. The occupiers continue missile and airstrikes on the critical objects of military infrastructure and the frontlines to inflict additional losses and exhaust the personnel. 

In the direction of Siversk, the enemy did not advance. Instead, they concentrated effort on reinforcing and defending previously gained positions. 

In the direction of Slobozhansk, the enemy renounced to advance towards Sumy. They try to regroup and retreat in other directions. One battalion tactical group of the 1st Russian tank army that participated in combat action was repatriated from the territory of Ukraine to Russia entirely. The occupiers continued targeting the infrastructure of Kharkiv and tried to advance towards Izum. 

In the direction of Donetsk, the enemy focused on taking control over the towns Propasna and Rubizhne, breaking through to Novotroitske and taking the city of Mariupol without success. The enemy committed artillery and mortar attacks on the villages Toretske, Svitlodarsk, Troitske and Pisky. The enemy's main objective remains to reach the administrative limits of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 

In the direction of Tavria, the subunits of rosgvardia (National Guard of Russia - translator's note) continue "filtration" (arbitrary detentions - translator's note) of the population on the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. In the direction of Southern Boug, there were no significant changes in the enemy positions or actions. 

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