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Nearly 5,000 people killed, 90% buildings damaged in Mariupol after Russian siege

170,000 people remain under siege.

Nearly 5,000 people killed, 90% buildings damaged in Mariupol after Russian siege
Destroyed Drama Theater in Mariupol, March 16, 2022
Photo: Sky News

Nearly 5,000 people died during the russian siege in Mariupol, 210 of them children.

The Mayor of Mariupol, Vadym Boychenko, has made this statement, Ukrinform reports.

“During the 27 days of the siege, as of March 27, nearly 5,000 people died in Mariupol, including 210 children,” mentioned in the statement.

During this period, enemy shelling and bombing damaged 2,340 apartment buildings (90% of the total), of which 1,560 buildings (60%) directly hit and 1,040 (40%) destroyed. In the private sector, 61,200 buildings (90% of the total) damaged, of which 40,800 (60%) directly hit and 27,200 (40%) destroyed.

Three hospitals were destroyed, another seven were damaged. In addition, 57 schools and 70 kindergartens were damaged, of which 23 and 28 were destroyed, respectively.

Two plants, a port, and a military unit were also damaged in the city.

Up to 140,000 people left Mariupol before the siege, and later 150,000 people were evacuated. About 170,000 people remained under siege. Russia deported 30,000 people.

The mayor of Mariupol noted that these numbers are only approximate because it is impossible to estimate the losses accurately as active hostilities continue.

Previously, French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian said, “Mariupol is the new Aleppo.” He noted that the West should collectively respond to the situation of the Ukrainian city and take urgent measures.

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