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Russians said searching for "fascists" in Melitopol

The journalists who continue working on the occupied territories are receiving threats. 

Russians said searching for "fascists" in Melitopol

In Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia region, the Russian “command” of the city gathers the heads of the housing cooperatives and proposes reporting on “where fascists live,” the spokesperson of the Zaporizhzhia regional military administration, the Ukrainian Armed Forces colonel, Ivan Arefiev, says

Everybody who disagrees that Melitopol is Russia, who keeps or demonstrates the Ukrainian flag or coat of arms, who considers Ukrainian authorities legitimate falls under the definition of “fascists.” 

“In addition, the journalists who continue working on the occupied territories of the region are receiving threats and demands to stop working for the good of Ukraine. Terrorists are threatening media representatives with the prison sentence under the “Terrorism” article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation if the media’s informational activities continue. The editors of the Zaporizhzhia website received the same threats,” the statement says. 

In Berdianks, occupiers are putting pressure on those who support the city's livelihood and take care of the safety of the civilians. 

Russian military arrived today at Kyrylivka village and introduced themselves to the residents and the local authorities as “military command of the Melitopol city,” following it with the proposition to “cooperate.” The head of the Kyrylivka village council refused the “proposal” and told the occupiers what they should do [referring to the phrase “Russian warship, go fuck yourself”]

On March 26, at 10 a.m., occupiers intend to hold a paid rally in support of the occupiers’ regime on the main square of Melitopol. 

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